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Is CoolSculpting Really Worth it?

is coolsculpting worth it?

When taking that first step to look into treatments that may be right for you, there are plenty of questions that follow. Does this really work? Is it dangerous? Will it hurt? Is it worth the investment? These questions are valid and as a consumer, you should continue asking them to ensure the best outcome for your specific goals. 

That initial question may have been ‘Is there a treatment that can reduce fat without surgery?’ The answer (as you may now know) is YES! In fact, CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive (meaning not surgical)  fat reduction treatment and is FDA-cleared for nine areas of the body. The technology it uses is called cryolipolysis which literally means freezing fat cells. This technology was first discovered by scientists studying cold panniculitis in babies when eating popsicles; as you can tell we have come a long way. What this freezing fat technology does is that it targets specific bulges or pockets of fat, that are just too stubborn to budge with diet and exercise, and the cold penetrates to the subcutaneous layer of fat. The fat cells in this area then go into apoptosis, or programmed cell death and are killed (PERMANENTLY). The dead fat cells are cleaned up by macrophages (our bodies clean-up cells) and are naturally excreted through sweat and urine. This process takes about 90 days and the treated areas will be visibly reduced for permanent results. YES, you read that right, permanent!

CoolSculpting has been studied in depth by researchers, doctors, scientists, and clinicians for over a decade. It was FDA approved in 2010 and quickly became the next best thing alongside liposuction. The devices and technology have been upgraded through several versions, our newest being the CoolSculpting Elite. With that being said, CoolSculpting has an excellent safety record and has been updated to include 

Furthermore, the cold that is penetrated to the fat cells does not cause harm to any surrounding structures. During the treatment, the fat pocket is pulled into a vacuum-suctioned applicator and is strategically placed over the peaks of the tissue. There is a pre-treatment wipe and gel pad that are placed over the area before the applicator to protect the skin from the cold. As the freezing system starts, the cold begins to penetrate and slowly does so over the course of 35-75 minutes depending on the applicator. The feeling is comparable to holding an ice pack tightly to your body for a period of time. Around ten minutes into the treatment, the tissue that is being treated will go numb making it very tolerable and comfortable for the remaining time. 

CoolSculpting has been life-changing for many people looking to target these stubborn areas. Time and time again we see incredible results and goals reached. There are multitudinous ways that CoolSculpting can be used to transform one’s body. At Rêvée Aesthetics, our CoolSculpting provider has performed thousands of treatments and delivers exceptional clinical results. We value and prioritize our patient’s comfortability, vulnerability, and overall experience. Each and every member of the Rêvée team understands what it is like to have an insecurity that can feel so overwhelming that it leaves you feeling stuck. This reason is exactly why we are so passionate about delivering the absolute best experience possible. If you would like to see if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, we offer complimentary consultations to walk through your goals and expectations to then create a customized treatment plan tailored to you. We can’t wait to see you here at Rêvée!

POV: you just Googled these questions: How do I get rid of stubborn fat? Does CoolSculpting work? Is it worth it? What is a non-surgical fat reduction option? Does CoolSculpting hurt?

Let’s be real, stubborn fat can feel like our biggest villain sometimes and you may not know what to do about it or where to even start. The fact is, fat cells attack and reproduce until puberty, leaving us insecure with stubborn pockets that just won’t budge. Does it feel like no matter how much diet or exercise you do, they just seem to stick around like bubblegum to the bottom of your shoe? You’re in luck. Coming soon to a theater near you: A Fat Cell's Worst Nightmare…

Now, imagine a Marvel movie scene where these fat cells are the big scary villain attacking the town (your body), and we need a superhero to come in to save the day. What if I told you that our superhero actually uses freezing temperatures to kill off the fat cell villain (like Frozone from the Incredibles). Except, our story’s superhero is called CoolSculpting, which I think is less fun than Frozone but anyways.. CoolSculpting has this freezing tentacle (kind of like a cold octopus) that suctions the fat pockets into a cooling cup and the freezing temperature attacks the fat cells. The fat cells are killed off by the cold and eliminated by our body and the pockets are gradually reduced. Although this seems like a violent attack, CoolSculpting is simple and non-invasive making it an easy and tolerable “attack” of the cells. 

What’s the best part about this whole CoolSculpting superhero? The fact that the fat cells that were eliminated are permanently killed!!! The villain is gone and defeated and the town is cheering with joy returning to their day-to-day activities! The town and its people are now shining and radiant with their new confident glow after their fat reduction. 

This “town” could be you and your body. Are you ready to attack this villain once and for all and take back your confidence? At Rêvée Aesthetics, you can meet our one and only CoolSculpting Elite device (the best superhero on the market with the latest technology) by coming in for a free consultation. Our CoolSculpting expert will walk you through the details and ins-and-outs of the treatment, come up with your customized plan, and begin your own personal Marvel movie storyline!

Now, how is the plot developed? Your timeline will be finalized during your consultation, but CoolSculpting does need time to do its thing. It takes at least 2 sessions that are done 30 days apart to attack these fat cells in order to kill them off. The reduction then takes about 3 to 4 months for your body to get rid of these pesky little cells.

Each and every member of the Rêvée team knows how it feels to be stuck in a defeated state because of these problem areas. This is why we are SO passionate about delivering the best possible experience and being by your side through your personal story and journey. You don’t have to fight this battle alone!

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