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About Us

Why ✨Rêvée✨?

Our Story

We chose the name "Rêvée", because it is derived from the French word “to dream”. At our medical aesthetics practice in Richmond, VA we dream of a world where every single person wakes up confident in their own skin. Rêvée started under a different name - Rejuvenate MD, in 2015. It was a wellness center and weight loss focused practice in Glen Allen, VA.


We operated out of a 2,800 sq ft building. Driven by our mission to help create a world where everyone is confident, our practice and specialties grew and metamorphosed. The shift from weight loss to cosmetics was made and the team doubled in size. Our little building in Glen Allen, became too small. Always dreaming big, Dr. Green decided an overhaul was necessary.


Rejuvenate MD became Rêvée, and we moved to the beautiful 5300 Patterson Ave., in Richmond, VA. Our now 6,000 sq ft space has allowed us to expand our team. Today and every day Rêvée works hard for you to metamorphosize into your best, most confident self! 

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