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Four Questions to Ask Before Getting Botox

What is botox and how does it work?

Botox is an injectable drug that comes from a protein made by a certain type of bacteria. It is produced in very controlled laboratory conditions. Botox blocks some of the chemical signals traveling from nerves to muscles, signals that tell the muscle to contract.  Without these signals the muscles stay in a relaxed state.

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Why would I get Botox?

From an aesthetic standpoint, people choose to get Botox to get or maintain a more youthful appearance. Botox does this by getting rid of or lessening the wrinkles we see on our faces as we age. Many younger people get Botox for reasons of prevention. They want to prevent those deep wrinkles from happening in the first place. This is a great strategy, as it is easier to prevent than it is to get rid of those wrinkles!

How does Botox get rid of wrinkles?

As we age our skin loses “elasticity”- the ability to “bounce back” after being stretched- for a variety of reasons. When the skin is creased and then released, instead of going back to smooth (like a baby) the crease remains. It’s like folding a piece of aluminum foil and then straightening it out. You still see the wrinkles.

Botox relaxes the muscles that cause the creasing. Your skin gets a break from all that repeated folding and creasing and smooths out.

Where in the face do people get Botox and why?

The forehead.

 This is the most common place to get Botox. People often first notice those horizontal lines that form above the brow. Getting rid of them leads to a more refreshed look.

The area between your eyebrows. 

We begin to get lines between our eyebrows, called “elevens” or “frown lines.” Getting rid of these makes us look less serious / angry.

Outer edge of the eyebrow. 

This is a “Botox brow lift.” Botox injected into the outermost part of the eyebrow causes it to raise up a few millimeters. Most people love this look for the female eyebrow.

Sides of the eyes.

 Wrinkles here are called “Crow’s feet.” When we smile we see wrinkles at the corner of our eyes. As we age we see those wrinkles even when we are not smiling at all. Eliminating or reducing those lines make you look younger.

Bridge and side of the nose. 

These are called “Bunny Lines” as they happen when you scrunch up your nose like a bunny. Many people are not a fan when the lines remain there at rest. Botox can eliminate or reduce them.

Corners of the mouth. 

As we age the corners of our mouth start drooping downward. Botox here can slow down that progression so we don’t look so sad.

The chin.

 A muscle in the chin causes the skin there to look dimpled and causes a horizontal line in the chin. Botox here can reduce the dimpling and keep the line from getting deeper.

Above the top lip.

 Botox above the upper lip is called a “lip flip.” It raises the top lip and stops it from curling under when smiling. Who doesn’t want a little more upper lip?

Above and below the lips.

As we mature we get lines around our mouth. Botox on the top and bottom of the lips can lessen those.

Our smile. 

Some people raise their top lip when smiling to the extent that you can see their gums above their teeth. This is called a “gummy smile.” Botox relaxes a specific muscle so that you have a beautiful smile without showing your gums.

The masseters or “chewing muscles.”

These are the strong muscles on the sides of your face that you use when you bite. If you grind your teeth or clench, Botox here will reduce or get rid of the grinding and clenching.  Some find relief from TMJ / Headache symptoms when these muscles are treated with Botox. If these muscles are treated with Botox for a period of time, the lower face slims which many people love!

You have lines in your face that you don’t love. They signal an older and often more tired or angry appearance. Getting Botox will make you look younger and more refreshed. You will love the way you look and you will walk with confidence. Call or book online today, so we can give you your free personalized plan and get you on the road to feeling fabulous!

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