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What to Expect During CoolSculpting: ❄ A Step by Step Guide ❄

Guide to CoolSculpting

What to Expect During Your CoolSculpting Session: Quick Guide

Just decided on your CoolSculpting plan? Here's a speedy rundown of your upcoming session:

Change into Disposable Wear: For cleanliness and comfort.

Before Photos: To see the amazing results afterward.

Marking the Areas: Specialist marks where the magic will happen.

Getting Comfortable: Cozy up in the treatment chair with entertainment and snacks.

Skin Prep: A special wipe protects your skin, acting like antifreeze during the treatment.

Gel Pad Application: A sticky, cold barrier between your skin and the applicator.

Applicator Placement: It uses suction and starts the cooling process.

The Cooling Effect: Initial cold sensation followed by numbness for a comfortable session.

Post-treatment Massage: A crucial step for enhancing results, despite a bit of discomfort.

Wrap-up: Cleaning up and discussing aftercare before you go on with your day.

Expect a blend of cool sensations, a bit of discomfort during the massage, but a relaxed environment throughout. Your specialist will ensure you're informed and comfortable at every step. Welcome to the path of feeling more confident in your skin!

Hello there! You've already chatted with a CoolSculpting specialist and decided to go for it - how exciting! You're on the way to feeling more confident in your skin. So, what comes next? Let's walk through your CoolSculpting journey, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect.

1. Changing into Your CoolSculpting Gear

First things first, you'll switch into disposable garments designed just for this. It's all about keeping things clean and comfy for you.

2. Snapshot Time!

Before we get started, we'll take some "before" photos. This way, you can see the amazing changes for yourself once your treatment does its magic.

3. Mapping Your Transformation

Your specialist will use a marker to outline the areas on your body where the fat reduction will take place. Think of it as drawing a treasure map, where X marks the spot for your transformation!

4. Settling in for the Cool Journey

Next, you'll nestle into a cozy treatment chair. We've got robes, blankets, pillows, and even TV (equipped with Netflix and Hulu), WiFi, snacks, and drinks to keep you comfy and entertained. It's like a mini-vacation! 

5. Prep Your Skin for the Chill

Before we start, we'll gently wipe the marked areas with a special pretreatment wipe. This wipe is like antifreeze for your skin, making sure it stays safe while we chill the fat away. 

6. Gel Pad Barrier

Now, we place a gel pad over the marked areas. This pad is sticky, a bit cold, and acts as a safety barrier between your skin and the applicator. It's a bit like a protective hug for your skin!

7. The CoolSculpting Applicator

With everything nice and prepped, we then place the applicator using suction right onto the marked areas. It's a strange feeling at first, but you will do great!

8. Chill Time Begins

The specialist will then start the cool on the device. The first 5-10 minutes might feel super cold, with some tingles or a bit of a burning sensation. Hang in there, because soon, the area will go numb, making the rest of the session (about 30-40 mins) much more comfortable.

9. The Big Thaw & Massage

Once time's up, the specialist will remove the applicator and immediately start a 2-minute post-treatment massage. This part is crucial—it might feel a bit uncomfortable, but it helps warm the tissue back up and breaks up the frozen fat cells. This massage is a big deal because it boosts your results by 68%!

10. Cleaning Up and Heading Out

After the massage, we'll clean off any leftover gel and remove the marker lines. Then, you'll change back into your clothes, chat with your specialist about taking care of yourself post-treatment, and just like that, you're ready to jump back into your day!

And there you have it, the whole CoolSculpting process from start to finish. Remember, your specialist is there to make sure you're comfortable and informed every step of the way. You're doing something wonderful for yourself, and we're thrilled to be part of your journey to feeling fantastic in your skin. Welcome to the CoolSculpting journey!

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