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Why I started Botox at 23!

Botox at a young age

Botox? Isn’t that something people start when they hit their mid thirties or even forties? Before entering the Aesthetic industry, I never considered Botox a treatment that would fit my specific needs. Yes, as I entered my twenties, I started to notice fine lines around my eyes, angry lines in between my brows, gums showing when I smile, and dimpling in my chin. I thought the resolution to these issues would have to come later in life after those lines got deeper and my skin texture declined. I’d received filler before but I had also seen my peers getting Filler as well at this age. “Why start Botox now?” I asked my provider when she recommended this treatment. She stated it would put me ahead of the game. Reducing movement and fine lines now would greatly reduce the depth of these issues as I aged. Sign me up!


Understanding Botox 

Before diving into my personal experience, it's important to understand what Botox is and how it works. Botox might sound like something out of a science fiction story, but in reality, it's a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that works wonders for your skin. Here's the scoop on how it works, simplified for you. Botox is a special kind of protein made from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. When injected into specific areas of your face, it's like a switch that turns off the signals between your nerves and muscles. You see, your muscles contract when you smile, frown, or make any facial expression. Over time, this repeated muscle action creates wrinkles and lines on your skin. Botox steps in to the rescue by temporarily stopping this muscle action. It's like hitting the pause button on wrinkles! When the muscles can't contract as much, your skin smooths out, and those lines start to fade away. It's like magic, but with a scientific twist. Now, here's the thing: Botox isn't a forever fix. Its effects usually last around 3-4 months. So, if you want to keep enjoying that youthful look, you'll need a touch-up every few months. But don't worry; it's a quick and straightforward procedure that countless people turn to for that fresh and rejuvenated appearance. 

Preventative Measures 

Botox is a powerful tool in the fight against aging when you start young. Let's dive into how this preventive approach works, making it a wise choice for those who want to keep their skin looking its best. Our faces are dynamic, expressing emotions through countless daily movements. These expressions are controlled by facial muscles that contract and create lines over time. When you start Botox at a young age, typically in your twenties, it's like putting a shield around your skin. Botox intervenes by relaxing specific muscles responsible for forming wrinkles during expressions. By limiting muscle contractions in your youth, you're essentially slowing down the process of wrinkle formation. Think of it as a proactive strategy to preserve your skin's smoothness and elasticity. While Botox's effects aren't permanent, they can last for several months. Maintaining regular appointments means you can enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin for longer. Starting young with Botox is like investing in your future appearance. It's a smart choice that many people make to stay ahead in the timeless pursuit of youthful radiance. So whether you're already noticing early signs of aging or simply want to stay proactive, Botox can be your trusted ally on this beautiful journey called life. 

Boosting Self-Confidence 

Confidence is key, and for me, confidence starts with feeling good about my appearance. Like many young adults, I was affected by societal pressure to maintain a youthful look. The media's portrayal of flawless skin and the rise of filters and airbrushing on social media platforms only intensified these expectations. Starting Botox was, for me, a way to regain control over my self-esteem and feel more confident in my own skin. I look forward to my appointments with my provider and take some time to make an investment in myself that will pay off as I age. 

Quick and Convenient 

Botox treatments are relatively quick and convenient, making them an appealing option for those with busy lifestyles. The procedure typically takes around 15-20 minutes, and there's minimal downtime. As with any injections, there is a small prick at the injection site that is easily tolerable and minimally invasive. I could easily schedule a Botox appointment during my lunch break and return to work or my daily activities without any noticeable side effects. Right after I might see some small bumps that look like mosquito bumps and maybe some pinpoint bleeding. Bruising can happen, but is usually very minimal and easily covered with makeup. 

Natural-Looking Results 

One of my concerns before starting Botox was the fear of looking overly "done" or unnatural. However, when administered by a skilled and experienced practitioner, Botox can deliver subtle, natural-looking results. It also gives my face a beautiful glow as it settles in! My goal was never to erase all facial expressions but to soften the lines that bothered me while maintaining my authentic appearance. 

Safe and FDA-Approved 

You might have heard rumors or concerns about the safety of Botox, but let's clear the air—Botox is a well-established and safe cosmetic treatment when administered by skilled professionals. Here's why you can trust it. Firstly, Botox has a long history of use in both cosmetic and medical fields. It's been around for decades, with millions of treatments performed worldwide. This extensive track record is a testament to its safety. Secondly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rigorously evaluated and approved Botox for specific cosmetic applications. This means that regulatory authorities have carefully reviewed its safety and effectiveness before allowing it to be used. Thirdly, the procedure is non-invasive and minimally painful, involving a few tiny injections. Most patients experience minimal side effects like mild swelling or bruising, which typically fade quickly. Moreover, Botox treatments are typically performed by licensed medical professionals who undergo specialized training. This ensures that the treatment is administered with precision and care. To put it simply, when you choose Botox from a reputable provider, you're opting for a tried-and-tested, safe procedure. It's a trusted choice for those looking to enhance their appearance with confidence and peace of mind.

The Botox Procedure 

Getting Botox is a straightforward process. Here's a brief overview of what to expect: 

Consultation: Before the procedure, I had a consultation with a licensed and experienced injector. We discussed my concerns, goals, and medical history. The injector explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. 

Preparation: On the day of the procedure, the injector cleansed my face and marked the injection sites. They had me make a series of silly faces to ensure we are injecting the correct muscles and skillfully altering movement to create a more attractive, youthful appearance. 

Injection: The actual Botox injection is quick and involves a series of tiny injections using a fine needle. The discomfort is minimal, often described as a slight pinch. Sometimes, the injection site feels cold as Botox stays refrigerated.Pinpoint bleeding and slight bruising can occur. 

Aftercare: After the procedure, I was advised to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours, refrain from touching or massaging the treated area, and to not lay down flat for at least 4 hours after treatment. Small mosquito bite-like bumps will present but usually go down within 30 minutes of the treatment. It is perfectly fine to go back to work and continue facial movements as normal. It's important to follow post-procedure instructions carefully. 

Results and Maintenance 

Botox doesn't deliver instant results; it takes a few days to start seeing the effects, with full results appearing within 2 weeks. Adjustments can be made at the 2 week mark to touch up any areas that may need adjustment. The results typically last for about 3-4 months, after which muscle activity gradually returns, and wrinkles may reappear. To maintain the results, I schedule regular follow-up appointments with my injector. It is important, especially when starting Botox preemptively, to maintain the schedule your provider suggests to keep that muscle movement limited and reduce the risk of fine lines and wrinkles reappearing. 

Botox results

Addressing Misconceptions 

Starting Botox at a young age can be met with skepticism and misconceptions. Here are some common myths and my perspective on them: 

Myth: Botox is Only for Older People 

Reality: Botox can benefit people of various ages. While it's often associated with older individuals, its preventive and confidence-boosting qualities make it suitable for those in their twenties and beyond. Botox has become one of my favorite treatments and delivers a natural result that will pay off in the future.

Myth: Botox is Addictive 

Reality: The notion that Botox is addictive is a common misconception. Botox itself is not addictive, as it doesn't contain any addictive substances. What may seem like an "addiction" is often the result of people being satisfied with the youthful and refreshed results of the treatment. They choose to continue because 

they enjoy the positive changes it brings to their appearance and self-confidence. However, individuals can opt to stop Botox at any time without experiencing withdrawal symptoms or physical dependence. It's essential to understand that Botox is a choice made for cosmetic enhancement, not an addictive substance. 

Myth: Botox Makes You Expressionless 

Reality: When administered by a skilled practitioner, Botox can preserve natural facial expressions while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The goal is not to eliminate all movement but to achieve a subtle, refreshed look. Your provider will discuss your personal goals prior to treatment in order to provide the specific aesthetic you are hoping to achieve with this treatment. 

Myth: Botox is Unsafe 

Reality: Botox, a widely used cosmetic treatment, is considered safe when administered by qualified professionals. With any treatment, there are always risks but with a qualified provider these risks are minimal. It has a lengthy and well-documented history of use, with millions of successful treatments performed globally. Regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have rigorously evaluated and approved Botox for specific cosmetic applications, ensuring its safety and effectiveness. The procedure itself is minimally invasive, involving small injections that typically result in minor, short-lived side effects. By choosing a reputable provider and adhering to proper aftercare, individuals can confidently enjoy the cosmetic benefits of Botox with a high level of safety assurance. 

Myth: Botox is Only for Vanity 

Reality: While Botox is often used for cosmetic purposes, it also has medical applications, such as treating migraines, excessive sweating, and muscle spasms. People choose Botox for various reasons, and it's not solely about vanity. 

My Personal Experience 

After deciding to get Botox at the age of twenty three, I was both excited and nervous. Having never had this treatment before, I did not know what to expect or what it would feel like.The injection process was virtually painless, thanks to the small size of the needle. We did injections in my forehead, brows, between my brows, my chin, and my lip in other words called a lip flip! I didn’t see any results immediately but did see some small bumps and pinpoint bleeding. The next day I did have a few tiny bruises but nothing I couldn’t hide with a little bit of makeup. I was also offered the option to see one of our Aestheticians for a complimentary BBL bruise laser treatment to speed up the healing process of the bruise, however, the bruising was so minimal I did not feel the need! I started seeing my botox really kick in at the two week mark and was loving my results. I had slight asymmetry in my chin (totally normal when being treated for the first time) but my provider retreated that area complementarity and within a week, everything looked perfect! What stood out to me the most was the boost in my self-confidence. Knowing that I looked refreshed and youthful without appearing unnatural was a tremendous confidence booster. I felt more at ease in social situations and even in front of the camera.Over time, I've continued with Botox treatments, typically every three to four months, as recommended. With each session, I've learned more about the nuances of the treatment and what works best for me. I've also become more aware of my skin's needs and the importance of a good skincare routine. I am very excited to continue to invest in my own confidence and appearance and prepare for the future aging process. 

Incorporating a Skin Care Routine 

As a twenty three-year-old determined to stay ahead of the aging game, I've discovered a potent strategy in combining medical-grade skincare with Botox treatments. Botox takes on the role of a guardian, halting the formation of dynamic wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles. However, for comprehensive age prevention, I've realized that my daily skincare routine is equally crucial. Medical-grade skincare products, formulated with potent ingredients, offer a tailored approach to maintaining youthful skin. They go beyond superficial improvements, penetrating deep to rejuvenate and protect. These products often contain antioxidants, retinoids, and peptides, each serving a specific purpose. Antioxidants shield my skin from free radicals, retinoids stimulate collagen production, and peptides enhance firmness. By fusing Botox with medical-grade skincare, I'm adopting a holistic strategy to preserve my youthful appearance. While Botox tackles wrinkles resulting from muscle contractions, my skincare routine acts as a fortress, defending my skin from environmental stressors and fortifying its structure. It's a dynamic combination that empowers me to take control of my aging journey, ensuring that my skin remains vibrant and resilient for years to come. 


In conclusion, the decision to start Botox at the age of twenty three and incorporate medical-grade skincare into my daily routine has been a transformative journey. It's a journey that's been driven by a desire to take control of my self-confidence and to proactively combat the inevitable signs of aging. Botox, as I've discovered, is not just about addressing existing wrinkles; it's a powerful preventive tool. By intervening early and targeting the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles, I've been able to stave off the progression of these fine lines. This proactive approach has not only kept me looking youthful but has also boosted my self-esteem. Confidence, after all, begins with how we perceive ourselves. Pairing Botox with medical-grade skincare has proven to be a winning combination. Medical-grade products are designed to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, providing essential nutrients and defense against environmental factors. Antioxidants, retinoids, and peptides work in harmony to maintain skin health and elasticity, contributing to a radiant and youthful complexion. The synergy between Botox and medical-grade skincare is not just about vanity; it's about self-care and empowerment. It's a reminder that we have the agency to take proactive steps in our self-esteem journey. Confidence is not merely skin-deep; it's an attitude that radiates from within when we feel our best.Embracing these age-preventive measures at twenty three has been a transformative experience, one that has allowed me to step confidently into the future. It's a journey of self-empowerment, a commitment to preserving the youthful glow, and a reminder that age is merely a number, not a limitation. With Botox and medical-grade skincare as my trusted allies, I look forward to facing the years ahead with a sense of assurance and the confidence that comes from knowing I'm taking proactive steps to be the best version of myself. Age may march on, but with these tools in hand, I'm ready to meet it with grace, poise, and the radiant confidence that comes from feeling ageless, inside and out.

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