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Moxi vs Halo: Which one is right for me?

Moxi vs Halo: Which one is right for me?

Moxi and Halo Lasers are 2 of your best options for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. But how do you know which is best for you? First step: Start by establishing your goals for your skin health. Each laser treatment will address different skin issues so first decide what you want to target!

Are you looking to improve fine lines and wrinkles?

Do you have melasma or pigmentation you want to address?

Are you looking for a preventative approach to aging?

Now let's look at each laser.

Moxi is excellent at addressing pigmentation issues (melasma, uneven skin tone, sun damage….think anything brown on the skin). The additional bonus of Moxi is that it is safe for ALL skin types….some laser treatments are not!

The treatment only takes about 15 minutes and feels like a sunburn for about an hour after the treatment. Aftercare is super simple…..just use gentle cleanser and moisturizer (such as Cetaphil or Cerave) for a week after treatment. Plan on looking red (like a sunburn) for the first day or two. In about 24 hours you will start to notice lots of little dark spots all over the treated area. It will literally look like you have lots of pepper or coffee grounds stuck to your skin. People that know you will ask you why your face looks dirty! And the texture will feel rough, like sandpaper. These little sandpaper spots and dark speckles start to come off in the shower around day 5.

Some patients will require multiple sessions depending on how much sun damage or pigment you have. If you are looking for something easy and quick to even out skin tone and improve minor textural imperfections, Moxi would be a great choice for you!

Halo laser is one of a kind. It delivers multiple wavelengths of light into the skin simultaneously (this is what makes it really advanced, most other lasers can only do one at a time). Halo gives a great surface clean up of broken blood vessels and hyperpigmentation, but also a deep treatment to stimulate collagen production and address deeper skin concerns such as acne scars and wrinkles. A deeper treatment does mean a bit more downtime. Expect to be very swollen for a few days after Halo. Because of the expected swelling and redness, most patients need to take about 3-5 days off big social events (think weddings, big job interviews, vacations, etc). You will feel totally fine….but you may look a little beat up! You will also see those same brown speckles (like the after the Moxi) come up in a day or 2 which will take about 5-7 days to come off and reveal that glowing skin.

Even though there is more downtime….it's still very easy aftercare. We will send patients home with a post care kit that includes everything you need to care for your skin.

Things to keep in mind:

  • With all laser and light based treatments, it is important to avoid sun exposure 2 weeks BEFORE and after treatment.

  • Light exercise is okay, but steer clear of major workouts that produce a lot of sweating!

  • We are all used to the age of “instant gratification” these days. But Halo is a waiting game. Yes, after a week you will see reduction in pigment, redness and be absolutely glowing. But the real texture improvements (for things like deep set wrinkles and acne scars) take time. But it’s worth the wait. Because this is a modality that simulates your collagen production, you should expect to see continued improvement for 6-9 months after treatment. And if you are doing Halo more for prevention than correction, it’s always the right time to stimulate collagen and reset the clock!

Still not sure which laser is best for you? We always offer complimentary consultations to help guide you on the best treatment path. Moxi and Halo are both wonderful choices to improve skin health and appearance with safe and effective technology. You won’t even need that Instagram filter!

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