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Beyond Fat Reduction: My Life-Changing CoolSculpting Experience and Why You Should Consider It

Why my Coolsculpting experience was about more than just fat reduction.

I’ve had some interesting comments and conversations since I’ve started working in the Medical Aesthetics Industry. Most are from those that are unfamiliar with the treatments and why people would choose to spend their money on such “superficial” things. The stereotypical overdone botox/filler images are commonly used as the example, followed by, “You don’t want to look like that, do you?”. This was my experience when I openly shared that I was getting CoolSculpting. It is a conversation that is both frustrating to have (since no one owes anyone an explanation on what they do with their bodies), but it has also been an opportunity to educate.

For me, I wasn’t looking for a fast/easy weight loss fix. I was simply uncomfortable. Uncomfortable driving, uncomfortable sitting at my desk, and uncomfortable in my clothing. Not from the typical reasons you would think. When I was seven years old, I had surgery that left me with a large, horizontal 6 inch scar on my stomach. Because I was so young and was still growing when I had the surgery, the scar now pulls my upper abdomen in and pushes my lower abdomen out. This makes most clothing fit very uncomfortably, especially while seated.

When I first heard about CoolSculpting, back in 2010, I thought that it was just another weight-loss trend. Promising permanent fat reduction without going under the knife sounded both impossible and too good to be true. I spent the last 15 years in the hair industry before transitioning to Revee Aesthetics, so I've seen all sorts of gadgets and tools. Things that were supposed to be revolutionary, that turned out to be just junk. Lots of overpromising and under-delivering. So, with that being said, I was skeptical. I knew very little about CoolSculpting before working at Revee, and was sure that it was something I’d never get to experience myself.

After seeing the before and after photos from Karley, our CoolSculpting specialist, I was dying to have a consultation with her. I met with her privately in her treatment room and felt very comfortable discussing my areas of concern. We went over my medical history and my wants/needs. She then did an assessment with the actual CoolSculpting applicators on those areas of concern. She mapped out a plan and made sure the correct size applicators fit perfectly. We then went over what I was to expect from both the treatment and for my results.

I was lucky enough to have both my initial consultation and first treatment on the same day. She had me change into the provided set with a super soft robe. Trust me, you don’t want to get sticky CoolSculpting goo on your own clothing. She then walked me through the treatment and made sure I was comfortable. After about ten minutes of the treatment, the area starts to get really cold and goes numb, like your toes from playing in the snow. I didn’t feel a thing for the rest of the session! My sessions lasted between 35 and 45 mins depending on the area. After the applicator is removed, there is a 2 minute massage done to break up the fat cells after freezing. Breaking up the fat cells further assists the body’s lymphatic system in digesting and expelling them, meaning you get better results more quickly. By 68%! The next area is then prepped and the treatment is repeated.

I had zero down time after my treatments and I was able to get right back to work that same day. I had a total of three treatments done on my abdomen in three months and could not be happier. My abdomen is now more contoured and I am most importantly, more comfortable. If it wasn’t for CoolSculpting and having Karleys expertise to execute the treatment plan, I’d still be miserable. That being said, I don’t think that anyone should have to justify any treatments they choose to have, no matter what the reasoning. If someone felt comfortable enough to share that with you, chances are they don’t want to have to defend their reasons why. We all have plenty of things that challenge us. Why not make it one less?

The only downside is that the treatments are permanent, so now I’ll have to find other reasons to go spend time in Karleys comfy room!

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