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How to Pick an Injector

So you’ve finally decided you are ready to dive into the aesthetic world and you’re wondering how to find an injector that you can trust?

Picking an injector is undoubtedly the hardest part of the journey. Sometimes people will delay treatments because they cannot find a provider they feel comfortable with. There are some key factors that can make that decision very simple! Personally, I have learned the hard way as a patient myself. I WISH I could have seen this blog post when I was 24.

One factor that you need to be very mindful of is credentialing.

What is the provider’s title? Are they licensed to inject in the state they are in? Are they trained? Do they emphasize continued education? These facts should be clearly listed in a website biography, or in the modern world, on their social media.

Most injectors are not trained to inject during their schooling process. The process is purely to obtain the respective licensure. Once the schooling portion is over, the real work (should) begin. Continued education and training can be expensive for injectors and very time consuming, but you owe it to yourself to choose the injector that does this. A seasoned, licensed, and educated injector’s confidence and passion will shine through. Normally they will instill trust and confidence at your first meeting.

Trust your instincts!

Another factor is analyze the injector.

Analyze their staff. Why? They will reflect the injector’s own work. You can gauge their perception of beauty by looking at their face and those close to them. If your injector looks over injected, warped, or just plain unnatural, that is your queue to leave. If their staff looks like they have the “pillow face” instagram filter on, run.

"You can gauge their perception of beauty by looking at their face and those close to them."


This factor seems like the most obvious. If you cannot source before and afters of the injector’s work, how do you know their skill level? Nowadays, EVERYONE uses instagram. Injector’s will usually post before and afters. Pay attention to the frequency of posts, what they are posting, and what their work looks like. Are their lip fillers incredibly unnatural? Are their cheek before and afters overly inflated? Do their patients look unbalanced? That injector is NOT for you. Find an injector whose work you are more drawn to. If they do not have social media, check their website. If they do not have before and afters on their website, ask their staff where you can find some. Never assume that someone does great work just by the letters after their name whether it’s an MD, DO, PA, RN, or ARNP.

Finally, the biggest factor is word of mouth.

Do you have friends who get aesthetic treatments done? Family members? Who do they see? Have you heard locals talking about certain injectors? Ask your beauty providers who they recommend. Usually hair stylists, nail artists, makeup artists, and cosmetic tattooers will know who does great work in the area. If all else fails, check reviews. Real reviews of real people who have experienced the medspa, the staff, and the provider themselves. If the medspa has a myriad of negative reviews, do not chance it. Find a spa where the reviews mention professionalism, education, comfort, kindness, warmth, and trust. Oftentimes you will see reviews as moving as “this injector changed my life.”

ALL of these factors should be considered when finding a new injector, but the biggest factor is to follow your instincts.

Meet the injector. Speak to them. Do they make you feel comfortable and safe? Do they instill confidence? Usually you can tell by the first meeting if that provider is your perfect match or if it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Regardless, I can promise that you WILL find your perfect injector at Rêvée Medical Aesthetics!

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