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Benefits and Misconceptions of Lipotropic B12 Injections

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Lipotropic B12 injections, or Lipo-B shots are injections containing a blend of amino acids and vitamins that are injected into areas of the body that contain the most fatty tissue such as the arms, stomach, thighs, or butt. The main purpose of Lipo-B shots is to aid in weight loss when combined with exercise and healthy eating habits, but they also provide additional benefits. Lipo-B shots contain high levels of B vitamins which can boost your energy levels and improve focus without the crash, unlike a cup of coffee or an energy drink. In addition, high levels of vitamin B can support hair growth as well as improve sleep patterns. Amino acids are essential to the body because they help grow and repair body tissue, boost your immune system, boost energy levels and sustain a healthy digestive system. The nutrients injected into the body detoxify the liver and naturally remove waste which helps shed body fat. It is recommended that patients receive their Lipo injection once a week for the best results.Good candidates for Lipotropic Injections include those who pair healthy eating with regular exercise and are looking to shed stubborn body fat as well as those with weight related health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

When it comes to any treatment, there is always a risk of side effects. Fortunately, when it comes to lipotropic injections, the risk of extreme side effects are very low. Since Lipotropic injections biologically change the way the body processes fat, it is common to feel faint or nauseous after the injection. Temporary soreness at the injection site is also a common side effect and is nothing to be worried about. Allergic reactions such as hives, shortness of breath and chest restriction are extremely rare, and if one experiences any of these symptoms they should seek immediate medical attention. 

Lipotropic injections provide many nutritional benefits, but there are some common misconceptions when it comes to this treatment. A common myth about lipotropic injections is that the injection alone will shed body fat. The injection by itself, without a combination of diet and exercise, will only sustain the body’s natural energy as the result of all of the B vitamins and amino acids. For weight loss to occur, the injection must be combined with exercise and a healthy diet. Another misconception of lipotropic injections is that they show little to no results. When paired with healthy eating and exercise, many patients have reported losing two to four pounds in one week. Most patients see drastic improvement when it comes to energy levels as well as appetite control. Some skeptics say that the more injections you receive, the less effective the treatment becomes. Many patients report feeling that their first injection was the most effective and that is because their bodies were in a deficit and in need of vitamins and

amino acids. Once the levels of vitamins in the body start to balance out, the injections will then maintain the benefits. 

Here at Revee, Lipo injections can be done on your own or by one of our amazing medical assistants. We offer one shot at $55 in which one of our medical assistants will take you back into a treatment room to do the injection. If you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to come see us often enough to get your injection once a week, we do offer a set of four for $150 and one of our medical assistants would be happy to explain the instructions on how to do the injection. If you exercise frequently, but have stubborn weight that you can’t seem to lose or if you’re just looking for a treatment beneficial to your overall health, lipotropic injections are the treatment for you!

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