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Dr. Lonny Green

My name is Lonny Green, and I have the incredibly good fortune to work alongside a most amazing team of talented and caring women at Revee Medical Aesthetics. I started Revee (then known as Rejuvenate MD) in 2015 and while the services have changed, the reason remains the same. We envision a world where everyone wakes up confident in their own skin, and while we may never get there, we strive each and every day to achieve it. 

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More About Dr. Green

My role at Revee is Medical Director and aesthetic injector. I received my Bachelor's of Science from Stanford University, my Medical Degree from UCLA and my Master's of Business Administration from the University of Saint Thomas. I did two years of general surgery training and then completed the Harvard Program in Urology. I spent two decades as a urologic surgeon, until a chance circumstance exposed me to the field of aesthetics. A fire was lit in my soul, I left the operating room in 2020 and honestly I have never looked back.


I thrive on getting to know my patients and I'm all about creating a look that is complete, harmonious and natural. I love everything about injecting, and my passion lies in treating areas of the face as a whole rather than simply addressing single deficits. I am honored to have been chosen to be a National Trainer for Allergan Medical Institute. I'm also committed to training and I view myself as a lifelong learner. For me it's not about the destination, it's all about the journey.


I've lived in New York, California, Massachusetts and Australia. Richmond, VA is now home, where I live with my wonderful wife, six great kids and two goofy dogs. I can be found on lnstagram .@ninjainjector and I'd love to hear from you! 


 If there is any way we can improve your experience or make you feel more confident, I want to know about it. Please call me directly on my cell phone.

(804) 683-7202

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