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Chana Collins


Chana, our Master Aesthetician at Revee, hails from the Washington, DC area, where she earned her associates degree in Business Administration from Montgomery College. With a background in hospitality management, Chana built a successful career that eventually brought her to Richmond. After becoming a mother to two children, she underwent transformative changes in her physical and mental health, igniting a profound passion for aesthetics and self-care. Inspired to make a significant career shift after 15 years, Chana pursued her Master Aesthetician license. Her mission now is to empower others to prioritize self-care and become their best selves.

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More about Chana

Chana's journey as a Master Aesthetician at Revee began with a personal transformation sparked by the joys and challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. Confronted with changes in her skin, hair, body, and mind, she faced the familiar struggle of 'mom guilt' when prioritizing her own well-being became essential. Recognizing the importance of self-care, Chana committed to reclaiming her health, well-being, and individual identity.

Driven by her personal experience, Chana pursued both Basic and Master Esthetics licenses at Lotus Professional College. She is passionate about furthering her education and expanding her expertise into nutrition in hopes of supporting others facing similar challenges. Beyond her professional pursuits, Chana finds joy in spending time with her partner, Cesar, and their children, Mylo and Cali, along with their beloved American Bully, Rocci. She thrives on travel, exploring new restaurants, and hosting family gatherings at their home in Aylett, Virginia.

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