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Taylor Wynn

Meet Taylor Wynn at Rêvée Aesthetics in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

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Taylor Wynn at Rêvée Aesthetics in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

Taylor Wynn

Master Aesthetician

Taylor Wynn is another one of our amazing Master Estheticians! She was born in Connecticut, lived in Massachusetts for a while and at the age of seven her family moved to Virginia. Her favorite activities are a mid-morning nap and being as cozy as possible. If she must do anything else, she enjoys video games, refining her wardrobe, getting dressed up, costuming, watercolor painting, and binging as much Anime and bad reality TV as her eyes can take.

Taylor has had a lifelong passion for skincare and unfortunately for her mother- it started with her beauty cupboard! As soon as she could reach the shelf, she was slathering herself and friends with lotions and potions. Eventually mum had enough and got her a DIY skincare book along with some bananas, honey, and other less expensive things to mix together.

Taylor attended a local community college and enrolled in their marketing program. Her plan was to pursue her love for skincare by being involved in the marketing and packaging of cosmetics. It seemed like a great plan except for one thing. People! Once you meet Taylor you will readily understand that she is a “people person”. Taylor decided pretty quickly that she if she stayed on the non-clinical side of skincare she would be bored in the board room. Off she went to get her degree as a licensed Master Esthetician and her patients have been thrilled ever since!

Comfort is Taylor’s guiding principal, for herself and for others. She can’t wait to guide you on your journey to being comfortable in, and loving, your own skin!