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Skin Tightening For The Face And Neck

Skin Tightening For The Face And Neck

Blog - Skin Tightening For The Face And Neck
Blog - Skin Tightening For The Face And Neck

Once we reach a certain age, the collagen in our skin naturally starts to slow down in production. That collagen is what gives our appearance a plump, youthful appearance, so when it’s gone we start to look a little more tired. And, our skin may lose volume, leaving us with drooping or sagging skin. Well, nobody wants that.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live with tired-looking or loose skin on our necks any longer. In fact, we can tighten skin and help to smooth away wrinkles, all without undergoing a costly, invasive surgery like a facelift.

SkinTyte II, is a fast and effective non-invasive laser treatment that can provide these amazing results. With no downtime, SkinTyte can tighten skin and improve elasticity and firmness. This procedure involves no knives, and instead uses gentle yet powerful laser energy to heat skin tissue from inside out, so you don’t have unsightly results while your skin heals.
SkinTyte is effective on almost any area of the body you may find to be a little lacking in skin firmness. It can be used on the cheeks, chin, jaw line, neck, abdomen, and even the arms.

SkinTyte can:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Improve elasticity and firmness of skin
  • Create an overall younger-looking appearance

How Many Treatments Of SkinTyte Will I Need?

We usually recommend a series of treatments for your best results and periodic “maintenance” sessions after you’ve reached your ideal goal. Everyone will vary, and the treatment amounts may depending on your specific concerns. Because there is no downtime associated with this procedure, you can leave your appointment and go right back to your daily life, while your results brew underneath the surface of the skin.

More beautiful, youthful-looking skin isn’t just a dream. It can be achieved with this amazing laser technology. Please see our website for before and after images of the SkinTyte procedure and determine if it is right for you.

If you’re interested in smoothing your neck and even getting rid of sagging skin and wrinkles, give us a call today at 804-885-3242 to schedule a consultation.