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From our Medical Director

From our Medical Director

Rejuvenate MD is now Rêvée!

From our Medical Director @ninjainjector

Why the change?

When I opened Rejuv in July 2015 📆 it was very different.

Botox? Fillers?  Lasers?  Skin care? CoolSculpting?

Nope.  NONE of those.  In fact I did not even know how Botox got rid of wrinkles.  Truth.

We started out providing natural hormone treatments and medically supervised weight loss, and NO aesthetics.

Now we do ONLY aesthetics and do not do natural hormone treatments, nor do we do medically supervised weight loss.

We have changed, grown and evolved.  It was time for a fresh start 💐

So why undertake all the work and hassle of a name change and why Rêvée?

1. In the aesthetic space there are so many “Rejuvenates” or “Rejuenations” or variations on that theme.  If you know one thing about us and our squad, it’s that we are one of a kind.   We needed a name that reflects that.

2. We have never been and never will be satisfied with the status quo.  We are constantly growing, changing and challenging ourselves to be the very best that we can be.  Many companies run from change.  That is just not how we roll.

3. Rêvée is the past participle of the French verb “to dream”. At Rêvée, we dream of a world where every single person wakes up confident in their own skin.  It is what we work towards every day.  It is our just cause 💯

The credit for this growth, this success, this transformation lays in the amazing, strong and intelligent women I have had the pleasure to work alongside each and every day.  Mere words cannot express how much I marvel at their dedication to our patients, their fun loving personalities, their talent and their insights.  I am indebted to my wife and family as well, both for their inputs and for tolerating my work hours and obsession with this place.   And of course I am so very very grateful to each and every one of you, our dear patients.  You put your trust in us and that is a huge deal.  I know I speak for the whole team when I say we thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙏🏻❤️

In closing, all I can say is “See you at Rêvée!” 🥷