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FAQ’s – Laser Treatments


Laser Treatments

What are my options for laser hair removal?

We treat the lips, chin, face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area and backs.

Can I use self tanner before my treatment?

No. The laser only sees a tan, it can’t differentiate between a real tan and a fake one. It’s best to wait until you’ve completed your series before using self tanner.

Will I be numbed for my treatment?

Numbing depends on what laser treatment is being performed. Typically, all Halo patients are numbed. Laser peel patients are numbed if the depth of the treatment is greater than 10 microns

Do I need to grow my hair out for laser hair removal?

No. You can shave as often as you like while getting laser hair removal treatments; and it is best to come clean shaven to all your appointments.

How long until I see results with laser hair removal?

Typically, after 10 days you will notice some stubble falling out and have a week of no hair growth. To have lasting, dramatic results it will not be until your series of treatments is completed.

What is a halo treatment?

Halo is a resurfacing laser treatment. Two laser beams work simultaneously to polish the surface of the skin and also deeply penetrate to encourage collagen growth.

What is a fractional laser?

Fractional lasers laser a fraction of the skin. This means faster healing time and still big results.

Should I take the day off from work for my Halo appointment?

Yes. You will be red day of treatment and warm. It’s best to go home and relax.

Do laser treatments help with acne scars?

Yes. Laser treatments can help with acne scars but they are not the only option. Schedule a consult to determine what the best treatment is for your skin.

What is a hybrid laser?

A hybrid laser uses two different lasers to treat the skin.