FAQs – Botox



What is Botox?

It is a more purified form of Botox. They work pretty much the same way, and they are the same price. Dr. Green is excellent at deciding which neurotoxin works best for you.

Will I become addicted to Botox?

No, you will not become “addicted”. You may really love your appearance after the treatments and may wish to continue- but this is not an “addiction”

If I have Botox and later on I stop, will I look worse?

Absolutely not! In fact you will have delayed some of the aging effects of time.

I need Botox in my smile lines. Can you do that?

No. You don’t need botox in your smile lines, you need filler. Schedule a consultation with your injector to find the best product to fit your needs.

How long does Botox last?

Botox typically last 3-4 months. Usually 3 months as you first start and eventually, lasting longer.

When will I notice my results?

Botox will start to take effect 3 days after treatment, with optimal results seen at 2 weeks.

Does Botox hurt?

No. The needle is very small and goes in at a superficial level.

Can I go back to work after Botox?

Yes. Immediately post treatment you will have some welts at the injection site but they typically subside in thirty minutes.

How big is the needle?

A very thin 30G needle is used for Botox injections.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by disrupting the communication between muscles to cause temporary paralysis.