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Learn More About Our Treatments and Procedures


What is a CoolSculpting Certified Practice?

Our staff members at Rêvée are fully trained to perform CoolSculpting treatments and assessments. In order to be a certified practice, more than 2 of our staff members have received CoolSculpting themselves, which allows us to have the best inside view for our patients. In addition, over 3 of our staff members have attended CoolSculpting University which is the highest ranked training you can receive.

How quickly will I see my CoolSculpting results?

You’ll see your best results at 3 months but sometimes patients see it as soon as 30 days. It depends on the person and the treatment area.

Does it hurt?

Not much. Some patients experience slight discomfort as the area is getting cold, but once numb you don’t feel it! Although, we do notice a bit more discomfort in our more petite patients.

Can I work out afterwards?

Absolutely. With CoolSculpting, there is no downtime and you are able to return to your everyday activity directly afterwards.

Will I lose weight with CoolSculpting?

No. CoolSculpting is for fat reduction, not for weight loss. If you are trying to get to a healthier weight you should a complimentary consult with one of our wellness consultants discover what plan is best for you.

How long are the treatments?

Most are 35 minutes

Can you coolsculpt calves?

No, this area is not approved.

Will the coldness hurt my skin?

No, there is a protective gel barrier pad that is applied with each treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

We offer free consultations for that very reason. We want to understand and evaluate the areas that bother you the most and during that time is when we make our very best recommendation for the number of treatments/cycles.


What is Botox?

It is a more purified form of Botox. They work pretty much the same way, and they are the same price. Dr. Green is excellent at deciding which neurotoxin works best for you.

Will I become addicted to Botox?

No, you will not become “addicted”. You may really love your appearance after the treatments and may wish to continue- but this is not an “addiction”

If I have Botox and later on I stop, will I look worse?

Absolutely not! In fact you will have delayed some of the aging effects of time.

I need Botox in my smile lines. Can you do that?

No. You don’t need botox in your smile lines, you need filler. Schedule a consultation with your injector to find the best product to fit your needs.

How long does Botox last?

Botox typically last 3-4 months. Usually 3 months as you first start and eventually, lasting longer.

I need Botox in my smile lines. Can you do that?

No. You don’t need botox in your smile lines, you need filler. Schedule a consultation with your injector to find the best product to fit your needs.

When will I notice my results?

Botox will start to take effect 3 days after treatment, with optimal results seen at 2 weeks.

Does Botox hurt?

No. The needle is very small and goes in at a superficial level.

Can I go back to work after Botox?

Yes. Immediately post treatment you will have some welts at the injection site but they typically subside in thirty minutes.

How big is the needle?

A very thin 30G needle is used for Botox injections.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by disrupting the communication between muscles to cause temporary paralysis.

Lipo Shot

How often can I get a lipo shot?

You can come in once a week or every 5 days!

Will these shots make me lose weight?

No. These shots will not make you lose weight. However, they do add in your weight loss efforts to help the body speed up the breakdown of fat. On average, our patients who do our weight loss plans with shots lose 11.2 lbs more than those who do not.

Why am I not losing weight on these shots?

These shots do not make you lose weight. If you haven’t changed anything with your lifestyle these shots can make you feel more energized. Weight loss at it’s core is calories in and calories out. While the shots allow your body to break down fat faster if you are taking in more calories than you are expending you will not lose weight.

Is my shot going to hurt?

The shots are very quick and easy. You feel a small prick as the needle goes in and a slight burn of the solution but it subsides quickly.

What is the difference between B12 and Lipo?

B12 shots are primarily used to increase vitamin B deficiency, resulting in a boost of energy. The lipotropic injections have multiple benefits including both fat burning and energy boosting.

How do the lipotropic injections help with fat burning?

These injections are made up of three amino acids, Methionine, Inositol and Choline. They work as catalyst to speed up the fat burning process and aid in weight loss.

Where does the shot go?

B12 shots are in the arm. Lipotrophic shots are in the posterior hip.

Will I be bruised?

Typically, those who bruise are known easy bruisers. Most patients do not bruise.

Can I purchase these shots and administer them myself at home?

No. You must receive these shots in office.

What is the difference between taking a multivitamin and getting a B12 shot?

Multivitamin has multiple vitamins. B12 shot has just B12 in it.


How long does filler last?

Like most things, this varies. Where your filler is placed, what product is used, how severe the correction is, all effect how long the filler will last. Typically, most fillers last between 9-12 months

How many syringes do I need?

You need to meet with your injector to discuss what your cosmetic goals are and what it will take to achieve that. Many factors, including the patients facial structure and volume loss will impact the syringes needed.

Can I use the same syringe to treat everywhere?

Probably not. Unless the areas of improvement are very minor one syringe is not enough product to spread to multiple treatment areas.

What filler is the best?

The best filler is the one that is appropriate for the area. The filler that’s best for the undereye hollows is not the same as the filler used to build volume in the cheeks.

What is the cannula technique?

The cannula is a blunt needle that is used to help minimize bruising.

What is the difference between filler and botox?

Filler is used for filling in areas of depleted volume and etched in static lines. Botox is used for dynamic action lines.

Is there any down time after getting a filler procedure?

It’s recommended to have a 2 week window after filler and before any major social events. Potential downtime would consist of bruising and swelling.

What if I don’t like the results?

Filler is not permanent. You and your injector will have a discussion before the procedure to ensure you are both on the same page. If you are unsure of your results you can come back in for an adjustment or even have it dissolved if that’s necessary.

Can I have my teeth whitened after having lip filler?

Crest White Strips are fine but anything that uses a tray or an in-office treatment you will need to wait 2 weeks. Waiting 2 weeks allows your filler to settle and not be moved to improper placement.


What is BBL?

BBL, which stands for Broad Band Light, is a form of treatment known as IPL- Intense Pulsed Light. Short bursts of light energy of many wavelengths are pulsed into the skin. It helps to reduce or eliminate brown pigments (“age spots”), reds in the skin (capillaries) and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Does BBL hurt?

There are very short little bursts of energy onto the skin. Many describe it like a mild snap of a warm rubber band. In general it is comfortable and very well tolerated.

What is the downtime from having a BBL?

There is typically no downtime. The facial skin may be a little red for 30-60 minutes. Some clients do have some swelling- but most do not. Once in a while we see a patient who has a large amount of swelling- that is always possible- but it is not at all common.

Will SkinTyte help my sagging skin?

SkinTyte is best for crepey, loose skin. Severe hanging skin typically needs surgery. It’s best to meet with one of our estheticians for an evaluation.

How long does a BBL Forever Young photofacial last?

Plan on your first visit being an hour. After that, most patients take 35-45 minutes for a treatment.

Can I do just one BBL treatment?

It is recommended to do a series of treatments to address the pigment. Most people require 3-5 treatments, depending on the level of damage.

Are BBL and IPL the same?

BBL is Broad Band Light. It is a newer, safer form of IPL or Intense Pulse Light. The mechanism of treatment is the same, how the energy is delivered is what is different.

Can I do BBL any time of the year?

Yes. Patients can do BBL year-round as long as they commit to taking proper precautions with their sun exposure.

Chemical Peels

Will I peel after a chemical peel?

It depends on the peel. We have several different chemicals peel- ranging from superficial which has no downtime or peeling like our stimulator peel, and deeper peels where you can experience some peeling.

Is a chemical peel painful?

Most of the peels we use at Rêvée you will experience some slight tingling and stinging but this is mild. We do offer deeper, more intense peels that will cause more temporary discomfort if that is indicated for your skin type.

How many peels will I need?

The amount of peels needed is dependent on the condition of your skin. Speak with your esthetician to get a treatment plan.

Can I do peels as well as lasers?

Yes. Typically, peels and laser treatments are spaced out 2 weeks between services.

How often should I do a peel?

Frequency of peels is determined by depth. Some peels can be performed weekly, others require 6 weeks between.

Can I go back to work after a peel?

Yes. Discuss with your esthetician your social calendar and the proper peel, with the correct amount of down time will be chosen.

When I will start peeling?

Typically, you peel 2-3 days after the treatment; this flaking and peeling can last up to one week.

Laser Treatments

What are my options for laser hair removal?

We treat the lips, chin, face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area and backs.

Can I use self tanner before my treatment?

No. The laser only sees a tan, it can’t differentiate between a real tan and a fake one. It’s best to wait until you’ve completed your series before using self tanner.

Will I be numbed for my treatment?

Numbing depends on what laser treatment is being performed. Typically, all Halo patients are numbed. Laser peel patients are numbed if the depth of the treatment is greater than 10 microns.

Do I need to grow my hair out for laser hair removal?

No. You can shave as often as you like while getting laser hair removal treatments; and it is best to come clean shaven to all your appointments.

How long until I see results with laser hair removal?

Typically, after 10 days you will notice some stubble falling out and have a week of no hair growth. To have lasting, dramatic results it will not be until your series of treatments is completed.

What is a halo treatment?

Halo is a resurfacing laser treatment. Two laser beams work simultaneously to polish the surface of the skin and also deeply penetrate to encourage collagen growth.

What is a fractional laser?

Fractional lasers laser a fraction of the skin. This means faster healing time and still big results.

Should I take the day off from work for my Halo appointment?

Yes. You will be red day of treatment and warm. It’s best to go home and relax.

Do laser treatments help with acne scars?

Yes. Laser treatments can help with acne scars but they are not the only option. Schedule a consult to determine what the best treatment is for your skin.

Skin Care

Is dermaplaning the same as microdermabrasion?

They are both exfoliating treatments using different methods. Dermaplaning uses a sterile blade to exfoliate the surface of the skin, microdermabrasion uses a wand with a diamond tip and vacuum to gently remove dead skin.

What treatment would you recommend for me?

Your esthetician will decide on the best treatment for you depending on your skin concerns and goals.

Will I be red after a facial?

You may be slightly pink due to increased circulation but in general you should leave with a healthy glow.

Will the peel burn my skin?

Depending on the depth of the peel it can range from a mild tingling to a more intense stinging/itchy feeling. The better health your skin is in the better results you will achieve.

What can I do about dark spots?

UV exposure is one of the main causes of irregular pigmentation on the skin. Wearing spf and avoiding the sun can prevent new spots from forming. Exfoliating regularly can help lighten existing spots. Our BBL treatment is excellent at lightening or removing dark spots on the skin.

What are extractions?

Extractions are performed by your esthetician to help reduce the congestion and clogged pores in your skin.

My skin is oily, do I still need to wear moisturizer?

Yes even oily skin still needs hydration. If you skip this step your skin will over compensate and become oilier in the long run. Look for a lightweight oil free hydrator- ZO daily power defense or Skinceuticals Daily moisture are great for oilier skin types.

*Disclaimer: Real Rêvée patients’ testimonials and photos used with permission. Individual results may vary.