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Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments

Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments Using The Microcannula Technique in Richmond, VA

Discover the advantages of the microcannula procedure, a modern injectable technology utilized by Dr. Lonny Green to reverse the symptoms of aging and regain a younger look. We are conveniently located at 5300 Patterson Avenue Richmond, VA 23226. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments Using The Microcannula Technique Near Me in Richmond, VA
Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments Using The Microcannula Technique Near Me in Richmond, VA

For years, both men and women have been cosmetically treated with dermal fillers in their face to bring back volume that was lost. These products such as Restylane® JUVEDERM® and Voluma®, can take years off of a person’s face and look aesthetically beautiful! Traditionally, the technique used to insert dermal fillers into the face involved creating multiple needle insertions, causing both discomfort and bruising. Today, technology has advanced and we now have the ability to utilize these incredible products with greater ease using a cannula. A  cannula is like a straw,open on both ends without a pointy tip, but obviously much smaller and extremely flexible.

Dr. Lonny Green uses microcannula injecting to give his clients a refreshed, natural and more youthful appearance. This allows him to safely inject dermal filler into many different regions on the face with ease and greater accuracy. These areas include cheeks, temples, folds around the nose and mouth, lips, and undereye hollows-those sunken, often dark areas many people have under their eyes.

With microcannula injecting, a tiny needle is used to make a minuscule opening in the skin. The thin, flexible cannula is placed through this opening into the area under the skin. Dr. Green then skillfully maneuvers the cannula around vessels located beneath the dermal layer. This could have caused bruising if a sharp needle were used, as it was with the older method. The technique also allows the injector to place the product smoothly into any curve in the face, helping the results to appear more natural. The tear trough is a highly sought after area that clients want to treat in order to reduce the appearance of shadows and dark circles under the eye. With this technique, we can finally bring you 8 hours of sleep in 1 syringe!

Benefits of injections using a microcannula:

  1. Less bruising
  2. More comfort
  3. Less swelling
  4. Ability to reach more areas of the face safely than with traditional injecting
  5. Results which can appear more natural