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Accepting New Clients

Med Spa in Richmond, VA Accepting New Clients

Revee Aesthetics offering a range of advanced cosmetic services. Our team has decades of experience in health, wellness, and beauty which is reflected by the amazing results of our clients. We are conveniently located at 5300 Patterson Avenue Richmond, VA 23226. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Med Spa Near Me in Richmond, VA Accepting New Clients
Med Spa Near Me in Richmond, VA Accepting New Clients

Table of Content:

How can I find a med spa in Richmond, VA?
Do med spas accept new clients?

What questions should a new client ask the doctor?
What questions should my doctor ask me?
How do I choose a new Aesthetician?

How can I find a med spa in Richmond, VA?

Revee Aesthetics offers numerous medical spa treatments and proudly serves Richmond, and its surrounding communities. Some of our treatments include:
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for body contouring. With CoolSculpting technology, we can noticeably reduce pockets of fat around your body and give you a contoured appearance.
Looking to reduce forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, or bunny lines? Our Botox services can make you look younger and healthier than ever before.
Aesthetic Services
Our team provides a plethora of aesthetic services including one of our most popular treatments, HydraFacials. HydraFacial treatments are perfect to make your skin radiate and glow with a personalized, moisturizing facial.
Other popular treatments at our medspa include dermal fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, BBL photofacials, and laser skin resurfacing.

Do med spas accept new clients?

Revee Aesthetics is excited about accepting new clients! If you’re interested in any of the above services, or any services mentioned on our website, please give our clinic a call at (804)885-3242 for new patients and (804)270-5920 for existing patients. Our receptionists would love to answer any question you may have about Revee Aesthetics and schedule you in with Dr. Loony Green and his team.

What questions should a new client ask the doctor?

Feel free to call our clinic in advance to ask any questions about our medical spa! For your first appointment and consultant at Revee Aesthetics, talk to your doctor about the following:
– What cosmetic and aesthetic treatments do you have at Revee Aesthetics?
– What are the costs of medical spa services?
– What treatments would you suggest for me?
– How do the treatments work? Can you walk me through the process?
– How often should I come into the spa?
– Could I look at before and after pictures of previous clients?

What questions should my doctor ask me?

Your doctor will likely ask you a few questions as well. An open dialogue between patient and doctor is incredibly important to ensure you’re getting the best treatment for yourself! A few questions you may get asked at your first consultation may include:
– What’s your skincare routine like?
– What products do you regularly use on your face and body?
– Have you had previous medical spa treatments done before?
– Are you on any diets or exercise plans?
– Do you have any allergies or skin sensitivities?
– Do you have any current skin conditions?

How do I choose a new Aesthetician?

We suggest you use the following criteria to find a new aesthetician:
– Credentials: make sure your aesthetician has the experience, training, and expertise required for the treatment you want

– Location: when looking for a medical spa and aesthetician consider the are you live in and try and find a spa close to your home so that regular visits don’t take too much more of your time and money

– Services Provided: look online to see if your new aesthetician provides the service you want

– Recommendations: ask friends and family if they have a trustworthy aesthetician currently accepting new patients or look at reviews online

– Comfortability: you should feel one hundred percent comfortable with your new aesthetician, if for any reason you don’t, find a new one!
If you’re looking for a new medical spa, consider Revee Aesthetics. Our team is highly trained and will be incredibly supportive throughout your entire journey! Call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Richmond VA, Glen Allen VA, Mechanicsville VA, Midlothian VA, Goochland VA, Chesterfield VA, Powhatan VA, Fredericksburg VA, Williamsburg VA, and Charlottesville VA.